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North Scottsdale Yoga & Healing

Yoga coaching is beneficial to anyone. Harumi coaches you in deepening your yoga practice and helps you to understand the particulars of your own body during a yoga session. She teaches groups, beginners who want an individualized introduction, intermediate students who want detailed suggestions and advanced students who want feedback.

  • Harumiyoga+ Holistic Healing House
  • Grand Opening in January 2013

Yoga Class Types

At a gentle soothing pace, postures are held for longer periods of time for deeper relaxation. All levels.
Yin & Zen
Connecting each movement with breath. Poses will flow from one to another along with breathing.
Flow Yoga
Classes focus on breath awareness, self-acceptance and relaxation.  Ideal for beginners and seniors.
All Levels

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Location in North Scottsdale

8787 E Pinnacle Peak Rd,, Suite 206 Scottsdale, AZ 85255